Corey McCarren

One person I look up to would be Greg Graffin. He’s the singer of a punk band that’s been around for 32 years, which is also my favorite band, and is a professor at UCLA holding a Ph.D. in Geology from Cornell. I admire that he still does what he loves to do, puts on a pretty awesome show, and found time to pursue academia (though I hear he’s a much more boring professor than he is on stage!). This is only an educated guess, but it seems to me like he’s focused heavily on his career/band and not so much on his family life (it doesn’t really seem like he has one/divorce). Maybe that’s what he prefers, I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like it from some of his songs. So I guess that would be not necessarily something lousy about him but something that I don’t want to fall into, but doing so much is also what I admire about him. I live in a pardox.