Kathy Sciannella

Highlight the important work that we do. Put a face on what we do. The Federal government keeps your food safe, we protect your borders, we ensure your airline flight is safe….the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, most American’s perception of government is framed by their experriences the Department of Motor Vehicles (not Federal government but government nonetheless). For those of us who deal with the public, we have to make sure our public interactions are positive experiences if possible. I am a HR Specialist and have had applicants tell me I am the first person who actually would talk with them or was not rude.

Also, highlight the real salaries which exist. Everyone thinks we all make six figures and while some people do, that is not the norm. My salary is great and I am not complaining but its in line with what I would make outside of the government.

We also have to let people know what a great place it is to work. I have worked in both private sector and public sector. There is a lot to be said for “serving your country,” by working for the Federal government. That is what we all do every day we come to work.

Simply put, we need to brand federal employment with a positive brand — not the slacker, bottom feeder brand which is so prevelant today.