Jaime Gracia

According to the revised CBP:

The Government has conducted extensive market research and has high confidence that there are currently existing, non-developmental systems that will warrant an eventual contract award under this solicitation. However, if the Government concludes there are no offerors who provide adequate confidence in the non-developmental nature of their system, or no offerors who provide enough performance at reasonable cost, CBP will cancel the solicitation rather than procure an ineffective or high risk offering.

So CBP claims to have done extensive market research, and is confident this can get done as a COTS purchase, or non-developmental item buy. They also claim a lessons learned was the systems engineering processes were obviously broken, so developmental items were a bust (at least that lesson learned got learned, to the tune of $1 Billion for 53 miles of broken coverage, skewed results, and unaccounted for costs).

I would love to hear from CBP officials on this alleged market research. Perhaps the Market Research Report could be made public, and provide industry an opportunity to comment, and help guide the acquisition strategy. CBP’s current CONOPS looks like a roadmap for another boondoggle, but let’s hope they cancel the solicitation instead of wasting more money on systems that don’t work and requirements that have not been vetted.