Lauren Hayes

I’m going to bet that those who work in agencies where whistleblowing is unwelcome will find that reporting of any kind of management corruption, employee abuse, bullying, discrimination will result in retaliation. Where this is the case, employees won’t be comfortable speaking up here… that is, unless already shoved out of the job and nothing to lose. If they’ve spoken up about unethical practices or abuse, and still have a job, then I’m guessing it’s in jeopardy, with managers, coworkers and HR watching them, and monitoring them online in effort to compile fodder to fuel justification for retaliation and constructive termination which is likely to follow. It’s unfortunate and I hope I’m wrong. I hope people do speak up, and hope agencies support them doing so, but this is my guess: most can’t speak up without serious repercussions, thus answers to this question may be skewed to the fortunate few who can have both a voice, and a job.