A John Gironda III

I share Margaret’s perspective, and I would bet that most self-starting, goal-oriented, highly productive, and honest people would also. I also bet a high % of these people have experience outside the federal gov’t. I do. I also was self employed for 13 years.

I do a daily work diary irrespective of where I’m working. I also include brief MFRs on happenings, and I use it to develop my input for performance reports. However, I bristle at having to submit a daily report when I’m teleworking, but not when I’m in the office–no one working on site submits a daily report (acc’ding to my boss). Such presents an inherent distrust in the workplace. Footnote: all staff members in my office submit a weekly report, so what does the daily report add?

A couple words about connectivity:

–Teleworking does not mean “no communication.” I forward my office phone to my cell phone, so people can always contact me using one phone number.

–If I have to talk to my boss, I pick up the phone or email, depending on the issue at hand. This takes the place of dropping in and/or leaving a note.