Sandra Yeaman

I am a full-time teleworker, so perhaps my situation is enough different to explain my different feeling on the subject. I use a diary which I complete every day to identify what I have accomplished or in some cases what my activities were even if they didn’t lead to something I would call an accomplishment. My boss has an alert set for this diary so he gets a summary of what I have done each day which often leads to his asking questions on topics that I didn’t think would rise to the level of mentioning them to him if I were in the office.

I see my teleworker diary as my option to do what my colleagues can do, but I can’t – they can walk into his office to talk with him and vice versa. I can’t. So the diary is my way to keep in touch with him every day. It is a communication tool, not a control tool. I know my supervisors trust me so it never occurred to me that keeping them informed was anything other than communicating with them.