Shayla Henderson

I think team work is the binding factor in making these changes. For me, I want to feel comfortable when I am in the loop on changes at work. When my manager involves me with the change, I feel comfortable and integrated — ‘in this together’ kind of mentality.

For government, I am excited about new committes and tasks forces. I feel such a lack of information from government directly…instead I seek information from resources that aren’t exactly unbias and can contain untrue information (websites, news stations, etc).

I feel and hope that these new committies and task forces will focus on reeling the everyday citizen in, to educate and excite him/her about being involved in change; team work! Citizens need regular updates (from the government) about what is going on in their goverment, locally and nationally, to feel at ease with problem solving/change. They need to feel connected, involved and informed. As a citizen, I’d like more information directly from my local and national government so I can feel more comfortable about the problems that are being addressed…and from there I can choose to involve myself to solve these problems.