Thanks all (Terrence, David, Henry, and Julie) for all of your comments. I do see the importance of setting up positive goals, objectives, and expectations on an annual basis but these goals and expectations must be realistic and agreeable between the rater and ratee and they must be job-related. I likethe idea of ratees rating the raters and networked performance or team performance. The idea of team performance element is not new as your rating will be the same as other team members. I do think networked or team performance element can be more realistic in a high performance work team. Social goals are great but they must be job-related in my view or social goals can be a bonus performance element to encourage employees to share their shared performance goals.

How a supervisor uses performance appraisal to promote a positive work environment and to promote employees to achieve higher invidividual, organizational and social goals and shared common goals is still a challenge in my view. I would like to see a rating process that is fair and reflects the true performance and not subjective.