Julie Chase

As the “employee”, not management, performance appraisals are cut and paste. We went from PARS, to NSPS, now we are at NSPS (lite). Fewer electronic pages to fill out (cut and paste from last year). Same ol, same ol. Here a PD is a PD. I do the same thing every day, all day 26 weeks a FY. Attend mandatory training, a few CLD classes that catch my eye and that is about it. Supervisors give the “objectives”, we as “employees” respond how we have met these objectives, throwing in pieces of our mission statement and rule/regulation/policy MARADMINXXXXX, IV, para 2, section 5a. Digitally sign it and forward it back to the Supervisor. It’s time for the “interim” PA. Cut and paste (nothing has changed), sign and forward. In September, do it again, and then the annual and so on and so on and so on. I miss the PARS, short and sweet and move on. The WG’s got lucky. The GS’s, roll the dice. Most people in my grade level have chosen “time off” vs. the money, because it doesn’t come close to what WG’s are awarded and it’s taxed so much, you could fill your gas tank with what’s left. Do I love my job, YES, emphatically. Do I love the people I work with, YES! Do I have a supervisor that is willing to listen, and accept new ideas. YES! In gov CS, you work with the cards (appraisal system) you get and move on.