Peter Sperry

The hysteria arising over sequestration is becoming comical. We are talking about $85 Billion in cuts against $3.5 Trillion in spending. About the same as a family making $35,000 per year needing to cut $850 from the family budget because payroll taxes went up. Oh wait, taxes were just raised and by about $850 per family. So those of us in the federal government are now being asked to make the same level of belt tightening required in January of those who pay our salaries. You would think the world was coming to an end.

Despite the manufactured fabrications, neither Chinese military nor radical Islamists will overrun our shores. Few if any federal employees will lose jobs and the number furloughed will be much smaller than projected when senior executives realize Congress is not buying their act. Nor will ugly winged creatures fly out of the sun and roast us all.

The nation will wake up the morning after sequester and only the most ardent news junkies will even realize it took place. The currently unparrelled economic growth in the D.C. metro area will pause temporarily, readjust and move on.

State and local governments have been dealing with similar challanges for five years. Those which have made fiscal responsibility a priority are doing just fine. Those which have not are paying the consequences. The question is: “In dealing with sequestration; should the federal government emulate Indiana or Illinois?”