Julie Chase

I don’t know which is worse, not knowing or knowing. AF, Navy, Army have spelled out how the sequestration and furloughs will be implemented. In our area, we have heard “nothing”. Of course the “hiring freeze” has returned. We still have not recovered from the first one in 2011 2012. If you didn’t get hired on (the process is AGONY from start to finish and takes forever) before January of this year…bye bye, your billet you wanted to fill for the last 2 yrs is now “suspended”. Will the folks who applied for the frozen positions have to re apply and go through the AGONIZING looonnnnggg process again? Will the hiring officials have to announce and submit the job again? Stupidity reigns supreme. If a person applied for a job and it closed BEFORE this crap started, I believe the hire should go through. Oh, by the way, there isn’t any notification process for those who “may be” waiting by the phone. They are ignored.

Our tenant command has decided on Tuesdays and Thursdays for furlough days, should they come about. Are you kidding me? What about Monday’s and Friday’s…or does does that make too much sense? I say, shut all of DoD down except for the uniformed services one day a week (buildings too). They will have to do without us for one day a week until October. Then I want to “see” an accounting of how much money was saved in putting rabid fear in the hearts of many civilian workers who don’t live in DC in an over priced townhouse and drive a Mercedes. Hiring freezes should apply to GS12’s and up. The worker bees have been strapped for over 2 yrs. with the first freeze.