Scott Kearby

For some reason the the elected folks in Washington (Senators, Representatives, President) seem to think that once they make a decision, the work is all done, the consequences are taken care of with no effort and no time at all by the employees who do the real work. That’s why they continually fail to pass a budget, but instead pass short-term CRs, with nary a thought to the difficulty, pain, and inefficiency that results from them not doing their job.

I believe that the offical guidance was not to plan for the sequester … because it would look bad politically, and because it would lessen the pressure to find a way around the sequester … betting that the Congress & the Executive would somehow break with their much demostrated past history of failure to solve the big money problems and instead come up with a solution.

As Pogo said “We have met the enemy … and he is us” RIP Walt Kelly