Scott Kearby

To avert the sequestration … not sure there is much that federal employees can do, that is dependent upon the President/Senate/House taking action & as I have said previously I don’t have a high level of confidence in them. If they do manage to put it off, it is likely that the “solution” will just set aside the problem of spending more than our income, and the debt will continue to grow. It seems like the prevalent attitude is “so what if the debt grows, that won’t be my problem.”

To mitigate the effects of sequestration … for mitigating actions to have any significant impact they should have been taken when the powers-that-be in your respective agencies put together the budget for the current FY. However I don’t expect that sequestration was considered in the budgeting process and so we face significant negative consequences. It’s a bit late now to have any major impact, but every little bit helps, so every employee should begin to do whatever they can in their sphere of influence (even if that sphere only consists of 1 person) to reduce/delay spending. If you control some of the cuts, however small, then that will reduce the amount of the cuts that are out of your control. It’s not much, but it is something.

Of course if you cut your spending and the person in the next cubicle decides that they can go ahead and spend a little more just because you aren’t spending as much, then the net effect is a bust. Thats where some leadership & discipline is required. If you are one of the leaders, then act.