The administration was re-elected. That should have told Congress something about what citizens want. Who or what is the Administration supposed to put on the table and why would Congress persons leave when we are approaching a crisis situation? It is inconceivable to me that they would consider that an option, but they did.

I am with David on this. Congress is so big on cutting expenses? They should put their money where their mouth is. Everybody take a cut just like everyone should pay their fair share of taxes.

Someone who owns a company should not pay less in taxes than the people who work for them. Walmart heirs have the same wealth as 42% of Americans and yet their employees are consistently on food stamps and Medicaid. All the while talking about entitlements and the need to get rid of them. Many companies keep employees hours to just below full time to keep from paying benefits, forcing employees to hold down more then one job and still can’t get benefits for their families. Those types of business practices are unethical. Sure it improves profits.

I don’t agree with sit ins or protests as it will just make Feds look like they have nothing better to do and add fuel to the fire.

We CAN all send emails to our local, State, and Federal representatives voicing our concern as private citizens and sign petitions that express our concerns. Again, don’t send from work email

The petitions are already part of a wide social media campaign and can be posted to most sites if you find one that appeals to your beliefs. Or, you can start you own petition.

People can also institute change in society for better employment, better environment, and better politics by buying stocks in socially responsible companies. Check with your broker. That way you are supporting companies who are not just interested in their profit margin. Buy organic and fair market to get rid of companies who are not interested how their business affects lives. We have to get back to a society that values the community. It starts with each of you who read this blog. You are not alone on this planet and everything you do affects other living creatures.

And that’s my five cents.