Kim Ellison

As someone who has spent time in Silicon Valley, and has had a career in private industry, I’ve read the responses to the leaked Yahoo memo with interest both here and on other internet venues. Most of the responses have focused on the telework issue. I doubt this is the core issue in the decision this CEO has made. Marissa Mayer is a fairly new CEO and her actions seem to indicate she is initiating a company wide, in-depth, employee review, apparently from top to bottom for strategic reasons. I would suspect that she and her core team are gathering information to decide who is “on the team” and who isn’t. Yahoo stock has risen over the last year. Even with market improvement, Mayer may be deciding to take the company in a different direction or improve performance. If so, she will need to know what resources she currently has on the team. Knowing who and what talents are available is very hard to do if you aren’t seeing and evaluating people in real time. I would also suspect that this evaluation is going to happen very rapidly. The sad part is that the probability is fairly high that some Yahoo employees will lose their jobs as functions are streamlined. A decision to end telework at Yahoo and bring hundreds of employees back on site is about a fundamental change in company strategy, not how and where employees deliver work. It would not surprise me that once the changes are made, telework reappears as an option for Yahoo employees.