Mark Hammer

…And sometimes it works the other way. Our current government adopted the moniker “Canada’s Economic Action Plan” over the last few years, complete with logo and advertising campaign ( http://actionplan.gc.ca/ ). Unfortunately, the “brand” has been applied to such a broad array of things, that it seems to have stopped representing anything in particular anymore. I see an ad on TV for environmental protection and the logo for the “economic action plan” pops up. My reaction, rightly or wrongly, is “How are job training programs and environmental protection connected?”. And I can’t imagine the confusion is mine alone.

So, sometimes, separate brands are a handy thing to have when the scope of something gets broad enough. There is something to be said, I suppose, for unifying multiple things under a single brand, but that needs to be balanced against a brand becoming too diffuse for its own good. I mean, heck, what do Sony, Siemens, and Time-Warner actually DO? I have no idea.