Dave Hebert

You want solutions, Britt? I just came here to gripe.

Dumb stuff aside, I think those things you mentioned ideally would be products of, as others here have said in different ways, a strongly defined mission and a workforce invested in that mission.

There are three things people need to see in order to invest like that: 1. A real leader. 2. A clear mission (preferably laid out by that leader). 3. How each person fits into and makes that mission happen.

If you can make that work, you’ve got the proverbial greater whole, powered by a sense of mutual and individual responsibility and passion, and you’ve got leaders who know their most important job is to serve the people they lead.

To answer your question about the important guy and the logo, you try to get someone more important to remind him, “This doesn’t belong to you,” which should be especially compelling in gov’t work.

If that’s not possible, then you find metrics (which you ideally were already doing) to prove your point, and perhaps deliver those via peers of this guy or a third party (sometimes people just won’t hear the truth from those they know too well).

If that doesn’t work? Bloodless coup. Seriously, you try to work around it/cover it up with a more compelling approach.