Dave Hebert

Here she is — our knight in shining, well-branded armor.

Thanks for some actual branding-pro perspective (as opposed to my hack’s take). The moves being made in cust. service and web by folks like GSA are a step toward your #1. As you said, however, we are largely stuck in #2, and that’s where a lot of the barbs about wasteful gov’t are aimed.

To make a bit of a leap: There’s a strong correlation between internal culture and comm. and external brand. However an org. manifests itself to the rest of the world is largely informed by what’s going on inside it.

If that external presence appears badly fragmented and over-logo’d, imagine what’s going on inside. You’ve got all those silos, the turf wars, the schizophrenic mission, the awkwardly branded and acronym’d IT and admin. systems and processes — and employees are going nuts with all this.

Short story: A strong external brand starts with a strong internal brand.

Now a clarification from you, Danielle: In your model above, you actually figure out #2 first, and then you build #1 to support #2, yes?