David B. Grinberg

Good point about meetings, Dave. Interesting article in last week’s Washington Post:

Telework still a federal priority

“More than 110,000 federal workers pledged to telework at least one day this week as part of Telework Week, which ends Friday…The Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 is the underpinning of an effort to increase teleworking among federal employees. Advocates say telework improves work-life balance, reduces environmental degradation, saves money for employees and the companies or agencies that employ them, and increases productivity…”

“Danette Campbell has been at the forefront of telework in the federal government since 1997. The senior adviser for telework at the Patent and Trademark Office said government telework will continue to expand. Of the PTO’s 11,600 employees, 7,400 telework from home one to five days a week, Campbell said. About 4,000 are full-time teleworkers. This has allowed the PTO to avoid the need for an additional $22 million worth of office space, Campbell said…”

“The Office of Personnel Management reported last year that in a partial survey of agencies, 168,558 of the 684,589 workers eligible to telework had done so in the month of September 2011. There are more than 2 million federal employees. The GSA’s cloud-based system allows any employee to work from anywhere, at any time, said Casey Coleman, the GSA’s chief information officer.”