David B. Grinberg

Henry: In my opinion, Yahoo! and Best Buy are making very poor business decisions in order to exert what they perceive to be a lack of control over employees who work remotely — regardless of all the proven benefits that accrue to employers and their workforces from implementing workplace flexibility programs.

In short, this is nothing more than a power play and PR ploy by those companies to appease stockholders and show the world that they are in charge — an authoritarian move for the worst. Employees who value remote work and the work-life balance will likely leave for new jobs with industry competitors in an incrementally improving economy (lowest unemployment rate in four years, increase in new housing, decrease in foreclosures, etc.).

Trampling on workplace flexibility will only further hurt companies like Yahoo! and Besy Buy that foolishly revoke flexible work options. Such strong-arm tactics may cause CEOs and corporate boards to appear tough on paper, even though bottom line productivity and employee recruitment and retention will suffer as a result.

IMO: stupid business decisions that will come back to haunt those companies. Short-term PR/perception gain in exchange for long-term productivity PAIN.

Go figure?