Henry Brown

It is MY opinion that Mr. Branson and other Telework/ROWE evangelists are not using the “correct” arguments to advance their case.

Should employers ignore the bottom line (be it profits or budgetary limitations) to ensure that the employees have a better work/life balance?

Most employees are required to be paid for their work effort so should the employer not be paying the employees for effort put forth in the “new” work environment?

At what point does “old school thinking” not have any validity?
“old school thinking”
organizations have budgetary limitations, wherever the funds come from
employee productivity measurement is important
hierarchy plays an important role in most organizations

IMO to implement ROWE or Telework, or ???? the evangelists need to emphasis what is in it for the managers. And if it is going to require additional effort (over what should already being done) compensate them accordingly. And if that doesn’t work, and remote working is still important, use more of the stick instead of the carrot (classic example would be @Mark‘s situation where the physical work space is being reduced and managers/supervisors basically told “deal with it