Peter Sperry

One minor point. Just about any work which can be done by a $30k to $100k government employee from home, can probably be done just as well by a $5k to $25k contractor from India. Richard Branson prides himself on being a citizen of the globe and is more than happy to provide telecommuting opportunities to workers regardless of location, particularly if it reduces his labor costs. Given the current budget pressures on just about every government jurisdiction on the planet and the comparatively high salaries of public employees in western democracies when contrasted with fairly well educated, readily available professionals in the east, I am not sure I would be overly eager to demonstrate the ease with which my job could be performed remotely. I kind of like having my boss feel he needs my services close by.

Yes, most citizens would resist having government jobs shipped overseas. They would protest vigorously for at least several minutes until they heard about the budget savings. Some of them might even sign an online petition opposing the idea right before they attended a townhall meeting to threaten their elected officials with immolation if they even considered raising taxes.

Anyone anxious to convince their employer they do not need to be in the office is welcome to do so. I’ll focus my efforts on demonstrating why my boss needs me close by as much as possible, even if s/he has to create a higher graded position to keep me there.