David B. Grinberg

Digiday reports:

Twitter Flexes Its Media Muscle

“It is building a powerful media company that is a threat to many of the biggest players in digital media. Its ambitions to this point have been dogged by questions of scale. Remember all those stories about Twitter quitters? No more. Two hundred million monthly active users, the company reports, are double last year’s number. But still, how many people really tweet? The company now processes 1 billion tweets every two and a half days. During New Year’s in Japan, that meant 33,000 tweets per second. Half of all Americans now see, read about or hear about tweets every day…”

“All that scale and activity gives Twitter something else: leverage. It has leverage to make a dent on the media world. Google realized this with its search engine. It used that position to ram through cost-per-click as the de facto Internet ad standard. Facebook used its clout to to thumb its nose at banners. Twitter is now doing the same, but it is also slowly but surely putting in place a broader challenge to the status quo that should worry Google, Facebook, ad tech and the banner ad industrial complex…”