Candace Riddle

The truth about being called bossy is very true. I actually just heard that from a man in the workplace about a woman on his team.

I believe it comes from both sides though for a woman. Men tend to view a woman in power as “bossy” etc….and perhaps out of jealousy or other reasons…women also judge other women in positions of leadership and may view them as bossy, mean, undeserving, scandalous…you name it. It is as much as how women think about themselves and view other women as it is how the opposite sex views women. This is why I think Sandberg hits it on the head.A word I’ve always heard is “selfish”. It is “selfish” for a woman to pursue her career and put the family on the back burner etc….but you more than likely wouldn’t hear the same said about a man who is pursuing his career first.