Dale M. Posthumus

I think part of the problem of moving towards solutions is the complexity, one size does not fit all. If you work in reatil service or on the manufacturing line or in construction, for example, you can not work remotely. If you work in international trade, you travel long distances and for long periods of time. Finding alternatives for these workers appears, to me, to be more complicated than many types of office-based work that are more condusive to at least some telecommuting.

One criticism I read about Sandeberg’s book is that she is high-placed, wealthy, with many alterntives to which few women have access. Again, not having read her book, I would contend that such criticism is misplaced. She can not have all of the answers. What she is saying will work for some, but not for all. It would be better to take her book as a jumping-off point, hopefully, to get us to talk more about life-work balances. But, we must also be prepared to accept that “you can’t have it all”. Compromise is required. You must choose what is more valuable to you.