Nathaniel Saviet

Things certainly aren’t rosy at the moment. I do think it is important that you demand some respect. I think 3 rounds of interviews are quite enough. Think for a moment, do you really want to take part in an agency that functions like this? Could you imagine referring some one for a job and then feeling guilty about the process they endure?
At a certain point you need to walk away. You can’t simply kick the tires for months at a time while they look for their “purple squirrel.”
However, I believe you are more concerned with actually getting an interview. Use your resources, LinkedIn, e-mails, work organizations. Contact HR VIA PHONE CALLS! I recently applied for a position and asked a quick question about materials to HR before my submission. She answered my question, asked my name, and as we were finishing up she said I will be sure to look our for your application Mr. Saviet! Yes it is small but just having name recognition can be helpful.
You have to be willing to put in the leg work and lots of it. Most importantly, you need to keep plugging away at everything. Constantly apply to jobs, find new ones, and be willing to give in certain areas to focus on what you really want.