Candace Riddle

Thank you. All great suggestions. I’m glad I’m not the only one who seems to recognize this shift towards “cogs”. It is disappointing that so many organizations and recruiters are failing to see big potential right now. I don’t see this being as much of a problem for mid-career folks who have worked in a single area (e.g. I am a procurement analyst, or I am an Engineer); the problem seems to be for those of us who have made a career out of being versatile and “outside the box”.

For example:

I interviewed with a recruiter last week who was looking to staff a Project Manager role with a large bank. I have project management experience 3-5 years. I have financial industry experience 2 years. Yet the recruiter asked me, “do you have your project management certificate”? I replied, “no, but I do have over 7 years of direct experience, proven work products, and a Masters degree”. The recruiter replied, “I cannot stand you up against other candidates that have this certificate”.

WHAT?! Since when does a piece of paper outweigh direct job experience? I was perplexed. The last thing I want to do right now is go pay for another piece of paper. Anyhow, the search for the perfect bait continues.