Whatever worked in the past doesn’t seem to be working now. Employers will not consider interviewing you unless your qualifications are a perfect match with the job description. Recruiters are not looking for people but “cogs” which can be slotted into the corporate machine and keep it going without missing a beat. This mentality pervades nonprofit, for profit and public institutions. They have all lost the ability to recognize potential.

I understand and share your frustration. The problem is not with you but the way hiring is done in the 21st century. Unless you know an insider, you will always be the last hooked but hopefully somebody will hook you. Don’t doubt your qualifications simply because a recruiter is incapable of evaluating or appreciating them.

Glassdoor is a good place to gather intelligence about the organizations you might be interested in working for. Sometimes things are not as rosy as they appear when you are outside looking in.

Did you see the article, “With Positions to Fill, Employers Wait for Perfection” in the NYT?

With Positions to Fill…

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The WSJ has done a lot of stories about the new thinking behind hiring decisions. See the section Journal Report: Leadership for more info.

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