Scott Horvath

Nice image…yes…just like that except for a really old CRT monitor that ways 100 lbs 😉

You make a good point about being left out. The pressure is on. But it’s also hard to avoid the pressure and think about how to do it wisely. I’m always one for learning from failing and that failing is not a bad thing…but my personality is doing what I can to avoid failure. May sounds like opposing views but they’re really not.

If I jump into something quickly, but have done what I can to think about possible consequences, obstacles, issues, etc…and then it fails…then I don’t think that’s doing it unwisely. At least I gave it some good thought. You learn from your mistakes, you improve what you’re doing, and keep going forward.

If I jump into something quickly, without even considering any of those things and then it fails…well, then I’ve failed miserably. You have to at least give it some forethought before jumping into it.

I say all that because many organizations are feeling under pressure, as you say, to use social media. However, they don’t HAVE to use every social media tool out there if it’s not right for them. If they do a little bit of homework and think about if it’ll possibly work…rather than just creating an account and saying, “now what?” then they’ll be better off.