Jeffrey Levy

I think your evolution from Twitter to social media to citizen engagement is normal and healthy. Now you’re in a position to help others make that trip even faster.

When people come to me and say “I want to launch an X,” my usual first question is “why?” Then we get into all the various tools that might help them achieve their goals. And most of the time, it takes a combination, not just one thing.

Here at EPA, it’s been the norm for some time that, for example, an outreach campaign includes Twitter, Facebook, and Web 1.0 stuff like a website and maybe a banner on our home page. Some also involve Flickr, YouTube, and blogs. And now we’re starting to think about how to use Pinterest. But the mission goal is the first thing, then the tool.

I will say that while social media seems second nature to many of us, though, it’s still a brave new world to many others. So I’m not surprised we’re still talking about how to use these tools.