Hello Christine and Amanda,
Thanks for responding to my question. I just thought about the Federal job application and SF-50 the other day. I do think HR specialist needs a copy of the applicant’s SF-50 to verify that the grade requirement is met. I do think HR does not discriminate applicants based on the basis of age but selecting officials may. If the SF-50 is treated as a confidential document between applicants and HR office and is not submitted along with the applicants’ resume and the certificate of referral to the selection panel or to the selecting official, it should not be a concern. The question is whether an applicant’s SF-50 is part of the applicant’s package to be transmitted to the selecting official for selection consideration? I do think HR should have a clear policy on how the SF-50 will be used in the application process and this information should be communicated to applicants as part of the job announcement. There are ways to verify applicants’ current grade level once a Federal employee applicant is selected. This way age discrimination can be minimized. HR should apply the same application process for Federal employees the same way that is being applied to non-Federal employees for positions that are open to all sources.

If we truly believe that applicants are qualified and selected based on knowledge, skills and abilities then the SF-50 should be eliminated as a requirement at time of application for Federal employees. HR can request a copy of the most current SF-50 at the appropriate time and as needed but not before the interview and selection.