Michael Steadman

Also - before anyone skewers me about this topic - as a poster correctly stated previously in this thread - Yammer (now owned by Microsoft and a definite future direction of social SharePoint) - is also a great tool to review when making the decision on how to proceed- Curiously- there isn't a firm 'roadmap' in place so it's hard to predict the 'when' and 'what' - we only know that this WILL happen in the future- (the full integration) - in my opinion it can't happen soon enough -but history tells me that it won't happen for a while (like maybe not this year at all)- I don't think anyone should steer clear of Yammer- use it and love it (it's really, really good - maybe better than NewsGator although architecturally very different and maybe not appropriate for military/gov quite yet) - I just wouldn't dump a lot of money into this (or any other social capabilities knowing that MSFT is about to include some great stuff out of the box) - hence my suggestion to go light- go small (web-parts/solution-starters) - and just get it done quickly and inexpensively while we wait for SharePoint to catch up with out of the box social features that users 'expect'-