Michael Steadman

In my experience other agencies are either struggling with the MySite feature or have decided to turn it off (or not turn it on in the first place) – There are some add-ons that can help – but no silver-bullet, I’m afraid. One recent customer turned off MySite purely because a high-ranking person suddenly realized that the ‘follow’ feature was not a 2-way approval, i.e. anyone can follow anyone else… (there are several web-parts available that ‘fix’ this issue) – Consider NOT using MySite – but instead implementing one of the 3rd party ‘social’ add-ons that allow collaboration- and the ability to micro-blog, follow, like, etc- If finding people or skills is of value (out of the box MySite feature) – there are very affordable web-parts / solutions for this, too- This would let the SharePoint Administrator control the risk of having a MySite explosion with regards to Governance (both storage/data – but also sub-site creation capabilities and all of the issues therein). So the short answer – in my humble opinion – is to not just look at this challenge as a “turn it on or not” situation- there are affordable alternatives using 3rd party tools that immediately get your users to ‘most’ (maybe 90%?) of the MySite functionality, without any of the MySite risk.

My 2 cents-

Reminder DC SharePoint peeps- 6th annual http://www.sharepointconference.org is officially less than 7 weeks away- Govt. discounts available on the site. Hope to see everyone there.