Noha Gaber

Ohhh I see! Yes, My Sites can be used for professional networking as long as you can incentivize users to keep their profile up to date. So I would recommend identifying the profile fields that you want employees to fill out and update (we included those fields and which ones are mandatory in the SharePoint Information Architecture document). We included a section on My Sites in the overall SharePoint governance, noting that employees should (1) fill out the mandatory fields in their profile information when first entering SharePoint and, (2) review and update their profiles at least annually. Also we have made the decision (at least for now) that information on My Sites should be work-related. So no personal documents or content about hobbies, interests, etc. We do recognize that sharing this information is another way to help employees connect on a more personal level, but for the time being we have chosen to focus on encouraging employees to share information and find eachother based on work related interests and activities. Hope this helps!