Noha Gaber

Hi Janna, I’m leading the governance planning for SharePoint at EPA. We haven’t deployed SharePoint yet but we spent the past 6 months planning for how it will be used and managed to make sure that we avoid information silos and mis-management and facilitate professional networking and collaboration across the Agency. Our governance plan covers both SharePoint and My Sites (we’re currently working on specific guidelines for My Sites) and we’re hoping to guide users in using the right tool to meet their needs. My Sites are collaboration spaces that are controlled by one individual employee, so we are not recommending that our users use them for organization and team-based collaboration. They would be used for informal, ad-hoc and short-term collaboration activities.

So in your case since you’re looking to build a site for your office, it doesn’t sound like My Sites is the way to go. SharePoint sites can provide what you are looking for in terms of an organized information sharing and collaboration space.