I’ve never seen Parks & Recreation so perhaps it’s similar? I was thinking of a DC-centric comedy show, sort of a cross between Seinfeld (“a show about nothing”) and The Office (“a show about nothing at the office and small trivia”).

I’ve never seen any TV comedy about a generic federal agency – again DC not state and local.

The basic concept of the show is something like – new recruit comes to Washington in the best spirit of public service and is then confronted with…reality.

Other characters–

* the jaded veteran, “seen it all”

* the evil boss

* the bumbling but well meaning leader

* the corporate rebel

* the truly insane person who somehow still has a job (like “Milton” in the movie “Office Space”)

Typical plotlines–

* “the data call”

* “the morale building event”

* “the approval process”

I realize these would sound like shockingly ordinary and boring episodes but there is a certain comedy to them too – I’m not a TV writer, but am hoping someone will see it and pick it up.

There are definitely other threads on GL about this.