Dave Hebert


I’m not sure that’s what Chris is suggesting — seems he’s equating spin to perspective, but I’ll let him counter if he chooses.

I should make it clear that I’ve never been asked to lie, either. If I had, I think that would actually make the discomfort with spinning much clearer. I have, however, been in discussions where someone suggests withholding context to significantly alter the nature of a message, and if I am coherent enough to recognize that (depends on what time of day this discussion is occurring/my level of caffeine intake), I argue to convey the message with a more honest backdrop.

What’s compelling to me here is folks’ inability to keep a straight face while discussing messaging (“spin”) at all — I’m led to conclude that there is something inherently unsavory about the messaging process, especially when it deals with those potential dirty laundry issues you refer to.

Either what we communicate is accurate and inclusive of sufficient context or it isn’t — let’s make the effort to find that sweet spot so we don’t have to embarrassed or squirmy.