The federal government is not McDonald’s. In the case of McDonald’s the customer knows they are being marketed to.

Running the federal government is not running for political office. The legal system separates politics from the civil service.

The federal government is not akin to the Nazi regime nor to an organized crime racket. What an offensive comparison (made just for spin’s sake, by the way) and an insult to the people who work here.

There is no family, school, church, synagogue, mosque, hospital, company or agency that runs perfectly.

Nor is there a social system on earth that has managed to eliminate corruption.

In our country we have a balance of power so that bad behavior can be remedied.

It is easy to talk the big talk and throw stones, but it is hard to actually do the work.

The truth – and not the spin – is that you can either try to be constructive or destructive. I believe in the system and the people that work here, and I trust that with G-d’s help those who try to turn good into evil will be caught and prosecuted.