Henry Brown

Why does it have to be either or? I take a great deal of pride on the fact that I am rather well informed on both local and national issues… and I use all the above to keep “myself in the loop”.

Radio: Although don’t commute (haven’t for some 10 years), one of the top “selector buttons” has always been a news radio station (note: I did not say talk radio) And when travelling will “seek” a news radio station… and the first 3 “selector buttons” on my SIRRUS radio is CNN Fox News and CNBC

Television: my “favorites” on my remote control include the major News networks(yes Fox news is included). Probably 70 percent of my TV watching occurs during the news hour(s)…

Newspaper: I have delivered to the house 2 Newspapers, and they at least get the quick glance over EVERY day and on some days the entire paper gets read! While traveling I will make at least some effort to purchase and read whatever local papers I can…

Online: Yes I have retired, so I no longer am required to produce x number of reports on a regular basis, so I can spend 5 or more hours every day online, Although would offer that has probably been pretty much so the case, at least all this century. Online sources of news include RSS Feeds, Twitter, Newsletters, Google+ and to somewhat lesser degree Facebook.(I have one facebook account for staying connected with family and “friends”, and another account for staying connected via “likes”

A very long time ago, I learned that if one relies on one source for their news they will tend to become somewhat narrow-minded in their view points.