Henry Brown

Have no numbers to reinforce my opinion but… would guess that it could be as low as or as high as 50% of the government employees are much lower on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to have any interest in ideology. …

Of the remaining ~50 percent who have some interest in ideology, would guess(again I don’t have any data to back up my assumptions) that the 90/10 rule would probably kick in here where 90% of government employees who are, at least, somewhat driven by ideology can separate the ideology from government employment.

all bets are off as far as “political appointees”, would be terribly disappointed if one of the reasons that they are appointed is because of their political views. Agree with you that part of the job description of the political appointees should be to “monitor” the employee’s ideology, especially their fellow political appointees and the 10% who bring their political views into the work place.

But that is why we have elections which will hopefully keeping the pendulum swinging as far as ideology in the work place..