Scott Horvath

Technically, everything is a publication is it not? So, everything should be written with the understanding that

  1. It’s going to be public
  2. It’s going to seen as “from the government” (not necessarily just your specific agency)
  3. It’s going to be used in other forums, sometimes out of context.

That doesn’t necessarily mean every tweet or post needs to have 12 levels of review. What it does mean, however, is that the people that do publish material (blog post, publication, tweet, etc) should all be understanding of those three things and keep them in mind as they produce content.

Yes, there’s a different level of review for scientific publications, and rightly so, because you’re talking about ensuring the accuracy (as much as possible) of the science. There are ways that continuing research could be published if it’s clear that it’s not a final product, but by and large that doesn’t happen a whole lot. But when you do publish your final product, like many do now, you do want to be sure that you’ve done due diligence to ensure the science is accurate as possible.

But in the end everything is technically a publication no matter where it’s published.

Note: this comment is my personal opinion and not that of my agency.

^–and there’s one more thing that always comes into play when you post something. Does it make it any less governmental as a publication?