Carol Kruse

When I served on jury duty a year or so ago, there were 3- to 4-minute video loops running on what we could expect during the selection process — which information was reiterated live when the court clerk came to get the crowd to go into the courtroom for the selection process. I would have enjoyed learning about upcoming County or City issues or events, other opportunities to participate in the County and City government processes, about outstanding historic and current area citizens, etc. I think the other ideas are great, too — donate blood while u wait, participate in opinion polls on local issues, register to vote, sign up to help with local charity or civic events, get a pamphlet on all the services the County and City offer for its citizens. Great ideas, everyone!! Is part of the issue “who’s going to organize all that, staff that, day in and day out”? I’m a dinosaur, but I revel in the benefits and opportunities of this electronic gadget era, let’s capitalize on that!