Carol Davison

Evidently I am in the minority but I feel that it is my civic duty to serve as a juror. Otherwise the unmotiavted/unemployed/daytime TV watchers/no good niks get to vote that he’s not guilty and she deserves a big settlement. I was last called for jury duty back in 1997. I don’t think that too frequent a call to serve my community. I went, filled out the paperwork and was dismissed because I had too much professionally in common with the accused. Evidently defense lawyers fear that when one’s professional reputation is sullied, we throw the book at our fellows. While there I read a thoughtful book. When I got off early I reported to the office, shocking my boss out of his chair. I didn’t take any payment, the government already paid me so what would have been the purpose of putting county workers through the process? If I were called today I would bring my laptop and do as much real work as possible. That’s where I make the greatest impact. I’m surprised no one mentioned this, or did I miss that imput?