william guest

Perhaps, as they are already in the area (City Hall, the County Seat, etc.), they could apply for other official, regulated things — maybe register with Live Scan, or get a background check performed, should they decide to purchase a gun?

High-blood pressure or other health screening? Donate blood or platelets? Help prep food for a local food bank?

Register for voting? Get additional background on current and near-term events in the legislature? Apply for public sector jobs? Participate in information-gathering polls or surveys? Take a (short, pre-approved) seminar that has been made available on the public network within the complex, so as not to unduly bias potential jurors, or compromise the security of the potential trial(s)?

@stacie Woods: Really good ideas — as long as I’m “trapped” by my obligation, I might as well find out about other causes or events in which I’d be interested.