william guest

This time could be used in any number of ways. Why not have videos or interactives about the history of the justice system in the U.S., or about the history of the common laws and courts in general (perhaps providing context for the current U.S. system)? Frankly, they could be patriotic, pro-American, as well as simply informative. It’s about time that government mentions things that work, go right, are admirable or advantageous to the citizen — there’s already a plethora of negative (and unfortunately, outright incorrect) “information” on these topics. Why not counter the FUD with FACTS?

Who are Heroes (not just soldiers — though we probably can never thank soldiers, law enforcement, civil engineers, etc. enough!)? Who, locally and in other communities, are the “regular” folks working in the public sector who do admirable or worthy things? I think we all could use a bit of positively-phrased information.