Stacie Woods

In my county, Walker County, Texas they have multiple non-profit organizations to which the juror can opt to donate their payment from the court to the chosen non-profit group. I am paid by my employer so I always donate my payment to one of the organizations, usually CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Abused and Neglected Children).

Maybe a slideshow presentation featuring each non-profit and showing the jurors how the money from the previous donations were used would be informative as well as feature some volunteer opportunities to the jurors offered in their community. Whatever is shown I believe it should be community awareness like special recognized days or awareness months. During domestic abuse awareness our county hangs shoes from trees each represents an abused person in our community and they also release a balloon for each child who lost their life to abuse in Texas at a special event held in front of our court house each year. Most people, if they are not driving by or attend the event (usually held on a weekday) they are unaware it took place. Next month in May there will be a city proclamation for Motorcycle Safety Awareness.