Rod Trevino

Priscilla, I tell my son all the time, we cannot control the actions of others. We can just try to be aware of them. All we can control is our own actions. All we have in this world is our honor and our own personal code. If you do right by people, then when your time comes, whatever time it may be, you will go into that good night knowing you did the right thing. What we cannot do is live in fear of what is around the corner or in the next trashcan or in the bag that someone forgets. If we do that, then the people that did it have won, not because we are a casualty, but because we live in constant fear of what is around the corner.

So, I say do your worst. Try your hardest to ruffle my calm. You may take lives. You may hurt and maim. But you will never win….we outnumber you. Our collective strength is stronger than yours. Regards.