Rod Trevino

Mark I totally agree with some of your points. However, it is often our own, I say this carefully because people react strongly to it, arrogance or overconfidence, that undoes us as a society. My son is 14, but I have prepared him for these realities. I have prepared him for a Columbine. I have prepared him for WTC or OKC or Boston Marathon. I do not consider the US exempt from what the rest of the world has faced due to its relative calm. So while a person may never see a rat, they should know they exist. They should not be shocked when they see one. This should in no way be seen as diminishing what Amanda is feeling. I completely understand her concern. Her fear. Her anxiety. I wish we lived in a society that better prepared us for this sort of thing. Situational awareness without becoming paranoia. I do not begrudge her from reacting strongly. I just hope that this situation does not influence hers or anyone else in a negative way. As the word was spread that one of the men had been captured/killed, I was dismayed to see people celebrate so happily and publicly at this. We live in a televised world, furthering fueling the fires of our enemies to continue to do us harm. In my mind, it is sad any person had to resort to this. And it should not be a moment for rejoicing, but a time of reflection to ask what could we have done better as a society to prevent this.