Rod Trevino

Amanda. I am with the IRS in Austin. While I was not in the same building, there was an incident in which a man flew a plane into one of our buildings. Safe. What does that really mean anymore? Our brothers and sisters overseas have always had to deal with these issues. We have always been comfortable in our geographic isolation in the United States. However, the world became much smaller after 9/11. For me it started with OKC Federal Building. But it continues to get smaller. Patton Oswalt stated that the good outnumber the bad. Keep that close to you…we do outnumber them. But there will be casualties. There always are. You are safe…as safe as you can be. But you I have always told my son, our hearts have only so many beats in them, and when they run out of beats, they run out. Whether it be natural death or some act that defies the imagination. Don’t let fear and concern guide your life. Live your life happily. See, the thing about terror is not the actual bombing…or the casualties (which are truly horrible) but the impact on our lives after. The forced change to our existence out of fear. The way we view people now of different backgrounds, ethnicities, dialects, etc. The true weapon they use is fear. I know you use the word anxious and not fear, but to me they are one and the same. As long as you lead a good life doing right by others, whatever your destiny may be, you will meet it with honor and without regret.

But make no mistake, people do not like to talk about such things because it forces them to acknowledge their deepest fears. Honestly, I just do not care. Even after the plane hit in Austin, when everyone was worried it would hit our building, I thought to myself that should that occur, I will act in the way I best know how. So do what you must to overcome your feelings of anxiety and continue to do the best you can. That is all we can do. Regards…..