Rod Trevino

I like to think of the statement “the truth is an absolute defense against libel” and hope that it applies to a situation in which I speak. However, this is a touchy subject. Many of my posts on here are reflections of what I have decided I can no longer contain or internalize. I realize that I run the risk of angering the federal gods, but the reality is this, we are not being promoted. We are not being given raises. We are being asked to do more work. We are given less resources. We have people that cannot do the job. We have people that cannot use technology. These are absolute truths. So, if I publicly speak them in my capacity as an observer of the organization, is it wrong? I am not divulging out mission. I am not expressing the opinions of management. I am not showing off the countless emails or OCS conversations I have stored in history that prove point after point I could make. I am just venting. It is all I have left. SO, yes, use common sense. Do not back yourself into a corner. Never name names. Never give positions. Never identify which people or within what division. Be mindful. But be honest. It is only through dialogue that things will change. When it is not seen by outsiders, there is not impetus for change.